Introduction to the Instant Computer Consultant

This book is about making good money with your computer skills.

With the importance of Information Technology increasing year by year, the opportunities abound for those enterprising enough to start their own Computer Consultancy.

I feel well qualified to talk on this subject because I have been through the rough and tumble of starting and running my own computer business for nearly 5 years. I’ve made many mistakes and learnt from them. Now it’s your chance to do the same, but better. My experience can save you much heartache and you will be more prepared than I ever was.

The information contained in this manual is very specific. I’ve included real statistics, real costs and real charge out rates.

I know of no other book that reveals this kind of information about their business. Its almost like paying for a franchise, but they can cost in the tens of thousands of dollars and you would have to pay a percentage of your earnings to the franchisor. Nothing like that here. All the profit goes to you.

This business is so easy when you know how. With hindsight I feel I could mould anyone into a successful computer consultant with more business that they could possibly handle. It is easy. You just have to follow my advice. Don’t take massive risks but take massive action. It is possible and this manual will show you how to make it work for you.

I sincerely hope you benefit from what is to follow. It was my best attempt at letting you know the inner workings of my business.