Your 5 step action plan for print media when you first start out

Your suggested action plan:

  1.   Go to your newsagent and buy all the local papers in your area
  2.   Get the circulation figures and advert cost for each paper
  3.   Calculate the cost per 1,000 circulation for each paper
  4.   Place adverts in the cheapest cost per 1,000 circulation initially
  5.   Go from one advert to 3 to 9 and so on. ie. Triple your advertising spend each week to get you started. Only triple your advertising spend each week if your advert is generating enough replies. Don’t blindly throw money down the drain but do give it a fair enough shot to pay for itself. You only need one client who spends 10 hours training with you and this would generate enough revenue to pay for 30 or more classified ads.